Sunday, October 17, 2010

Challenge 3 activity 2

This post is for challenge 3 activity 2. If  you were to come and vist Otorohanga one place you could vist is the kiwi house. It has two kiwis in it. You can also vist the Sir Edmund Hillary walkway because it has interesting things on it that you can learn about New Zealand. You can also vist the museum it has lots of cool and old stuff. Otorohanga is the kiwiana capital of New Zealand. You can go and vist the kiwi house at this website


  1. Nicole,
    I think that it is cool that there is a place called the kiwi house. that is really interesting! is this in new zeland or not?

  2. Nicole,
    That sounds so awesome! I think it'd be fun to check out the Sir Edmund Hillary Hallway to learn about New Zealand and I bet The Kiwi House would be really fun to visit. I think I'll recomend a place for people to check out.